Patrick Guest; Jonathan Bentley (Illustrator)

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Perfect for children of all ages, this heartfelt story opens the curtains on the story of how we can all feel together even when we are far apart.

Out the window, I can see

a new world looking back at me.

The streets are still,

there are no crowds ...

but looking up, I see the clouds.

Told through the voices--and windows--of children from around the world, this story's comforting message and bright illustrations bring hope into your home even as our world changes outside. The book's beautiful design reveals similarities--"In different windows everywhere, I see rainbows, hearts, and teddy bears"--that can comfort and unite us, even in hard times.

Author Patrick Guest was inspired to write this story when he was forced to isolate from his family as a medical worker. His lyrical writing gives hope to our shared experience. In addition, Jonathan Bentley, award-winning illustrator of more than 30 children's books, infuses the book with warmth and delight.

When you look out your window, don't forget that we're all looking out--together.

ISBN: 9781760507855
Publication Date: 08-Oct-2020
Publisher: Little Hare Books