Why Do Cats Meow?

Lily Snowden-Fine; Nick Crumpton

$24.99 Hardback
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In this new addition to the Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets series, children will learn everything they've always wanted to know about their cats. This book answers questions like, "How long have people kept cats?," "Why do cats like scratching chairs?," "What does 'meow' mean?," and "Do cats have nine lives?"

Combining mythological stories--such as how the superstitions surrounding black cats originated and the prominent role cats played in ancient Egyptian worship--with zoological information, Why Do Cats Meow? is a fun, unique reading experience. Children will learn how best to care for their own pet and come to understand why humans and cats have such a special relationship.

ISBN: 9780500652381
Publication Date: 06-Aug-2020
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, Limited