The Whole of My World

Nicole Hayes

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A must-read for anyone who's ever loved or lost, drawn a line between then and now, or kept a secret that wouldn't stay hidden

Today I am free. No guilt for who's missing, what's been left behind. My face aches from smiling in the wind and my voice rasps from all the screaming, and I know that it's been forever since I've felt so completely alive.

Desperate to escape her grieving father and harboring her own terrible secret, Shelley disappears into the intoxicating world of AFL (Australian Football League). Joining a motley crew of football players--and, best of all, making friends with one of the star players--Shelley finds somewhere she feels she belongs. Finally she's winning. So why don't her friends get it? There's Josh, who she's known all her life but who she can now barely look at anymore because of the memories of that fateful day, and Tara, whose cold silences Shelley can't understand. And now everyone thinks there's something more going on between Shelley and Mick. But there isn't--is there? When the whole of your world is football, sometimes life gets lost between goals.

ISBN: 9781742758602
Publication Date: 03-Jun-2013
Publisher: Random House Australia