The White Rider

Chris Priestley

$17.95 Paperback
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The gripping sequel to Death and the Arrow.
London, 1716. The streets are buzzing with intrigue and young Tom Marlowe is caught in the fascinating heart of it. At home, there are strange revelations about Tom's family. Outside, the roads are haunted by a mysterious highwayman. The White Rider is a robber so fierce that he kills his victims simply by pointing at them With the help of his mentor, Dr. Harker, Tom is desperate to strip away at least some of the secrets crowding into his life. He may not know who is behind the White Rider's gruesome mask, but he can't resist the chance to investigate.

"From the Hardcover edition."

ISBN: 9780552554749
Publication Date: 04-May-2006
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Limited