Where Are You Tiger?


$14.99 Board Book
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Explore the jungle in search of a tiger in this plastic-free touch and feel board book.

Meet incredible endangered animals in this new plastic-free touch and feel picture book series for toddlers.

In Where are you? Tiger, take a trip to the leafy, steamy jungle and say hello to elephants and orangutans in their natural habitat. But what's that stripy flash in the undergrowth?

Colourful illustrations provide a striking contrast to the natural cardboard pages, making this a book that will stand out on the shelf. Each animal is brought to life with warmth and expression, from the solemn elephant to the cheeky tiger. Simple text is ideal for reading aloud, or for young children just starting their reading journeys. Little readers will love running their hands along the fun corrugated cardboard elements and tracing the cut out sections.

Unlike other touch and feel books, Where are you? Tiger is plastic-free. It is made from responsibly-sourced cardboard and everything in the book is completely recyclable.

ISBN: 9780241440254
Publication Date: 03-Sep-2020
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated