What's on Your Plate?

Whitney Stewart; Christiane Engel (Illustrator)

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"A delectable way to highlight diversity." --Booklist

"Inspire young foodies with this title. " --School Library Journal

"Engel's presentation is lively and welcoming..."--Publishers Weekly

It's a big, tasty world out there--and this book takes kids on a tour through the cuisines of 14 countries, complete with a recipe for each one.

What's on your plate? Chances are it's not quite the same as what's on other children's plates around the world. Come on a journey to see how people in different countries prepare, eat, and think about their food. Beautiful photographs and illustrations capture the food culture of 14 countries, from Brazil and Spain to Morocco, India, and China. Each spread includes an overview of the country and its native foods, photographs of the various dishes with pronunciations and descriptions, an easy recipe for kids to try, and an illustrated crop map of the country. With so many fun elements to intrigue them, young foodies will be excited to learn about how people eat across the globe!

ISBN: 9781454926726
Publication Date: 13-Mar-2018
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.