Want to Play Trucks?

Ann Stott; Bob Graham (Illustrator)

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Jack likes trucks. Alex likes dolls. What will they play together? Their new favorite game, of course! Jack and Alex meet almost every morning in the sandbox at the playground. Jack likes trucks - big ones, the kind that can wreck things. Alex likes dolls - pink ones, with sparkles. And tutus. But Jack doesn't want to play dolls, and Alex doesn't want to play trucks. Readers will smile at the quintessential playground squabble on display in this amusing, relatable tale from Ann Stott and Bob Graham. Luckily for Jack and Alex, the day is saved with a little bit of compromise - what about dolls who drive trucks? - and the easy acceptance that characterizes the youngest of friendships. Not to mention a familiar jingle from nearby that reminds Jack and Alex of something else they both like: ice cream! Perfect for parents interested in encouraging and supporting nontraditional play, this picture book from Ann Stott questions gender stereotypes and celebrates diversity in a gentle and kid-friendly manner.

ISBN: 9780763681739
Publication Date: 07-Aug-2018
Publisher: Candlewick Press