Very Private List for Camp Success

Chrissie Perry; Jon Davis (Illustrator)

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Penelope Kingston wants to be perfect. But being a perfectionist can be super-stressful! Sometimes, when things don't go exactly to plan, Penelope can't hold back her big feelings. It's going to take a whole lot of fun, friendship and Calming Techniques for Penelope to be her best self. 

When Penelope thinks of school camp, she feels sick, sick, sick. She's so nervous! So many things could go wrong. But she knows that being prepared makes everything better - so she writes the perfect list:

  • No outbursts
  • No crying
  • Win (at least) one prize
  • Try all activities
  • With a list like that, nothing can go wrong - right?

ISBN: 9781760505585
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2020
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children\'s Publishing