The Underdogs Fake It till They Make It

Kate Temple; Kate and Jol Temple; Shiloh Gordon (Illustrator)

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The Underdog Detective Agency has a proud tradition of sniffing out trouble (and sniffing each other's butts).

Detective Barkley (a dog) and Detective Fang (a cat) are cleaning up the mean streets of Dogtown one crime at a time!

So when Puplo Picasso's masterpieces are swapped with pawfect imitations, it's up to The Underdogs to catch the culprit.

Can Fang and Barkley solve the case before the Top Dogs return from their ski trip? What does soup have to do with it? And will Carl finally learn how to answer the phone?


ISBN: 9781760506797
Publication Date: 29-Sep-2021
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children\'s Publishing