Think Like a Scientist

Alex Woolf; David Broadbent (Illustrator)

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Your brain is amazing. It develops as you learn, and you have the power to teach it to think in different ways. How our brains think influences the kind of careers we want. This series takes a look of different kinds of careers and offers practical ways to train your brain to think in a way that suits your chosen field. Think Like a Scientist Are you naturally curious about the world? Do you want to understand it? In that case, you may want to become a scientist. Scientists ask questions about how the world works. They came up with theories and test them in experiments. Whether studying the stars, fossils, or human minds, scientists have trained their brains to think in a certain way. With the help of the ideas in this book, you can start to think like a scientist too. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781526316455
Publication Date: 10-Feb-2022
Publisher: Hachette Children\'s Group