To Trap a Thief

Des Hunt

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"Since the sudden death of Connors dad in an aircraft accident two years ago, its been just him and his Mum. Now shs got this new boyfriend, Morgan, and they want to get married. But thats not the worst of it Morgans parents (Denzil & Rosen) arent keen on the idea either and have come over to make sure everyone knows it. To escape the tense situation, Denzil suggests he and Connor go for a walk to the old quarry. After a run-in with the local bad-boy on the way, who nearly runs the old man over, Denzil stops off to buy a Lotto ticket. And THATs when life gets interesting for Connor and his mate Harvey involving a campervan holiday in the Marlborough Sounds, with a quest to solve on the way, and fraudsters to expose!"--Publisher information.

ISBN: 9781775435648
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2019
Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand Limited