Tippy and Jellybean

Sophie Cunningham; Anil Tortop (Illustrator)

$19.99 Hardback
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Based on a heartwarming true story. 

Tippy and her baby Jellybean live in a beautiful eucalyptus forest.

One day, they wake up and sniff the air. It's smoky, hot and windy.

Kangaroos and wallabies are bounding.

Wombats are heading to their burrows.

The cockatoos take off in an enormous flock.

Tippy can't hop. Or run. Or fly.

So she shelters her baby in the only way she can...

This is the uplifting true story of a koala who saved her baby from a bushfire, and the dedicated vets who looked after them until they were healed and ready to go home.

ISBN: 9781760878474
Publication Date: 16-Jun-2020
Publisher: Allen & Unwin