The Yuckiest Alphabet Book in the World

Margaret Novak; Rebecca Pry (Illustrator)

$29.99 Hardback
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With hilariously yucky ABCs, The Yuckiest Alphabet Book in the World celebrates a love for everything muddy, messy, icky, and gooey!

Learning the alphabet has never been yuckier! This colorful, cringey collection cycles through each letter of the alphabet, pairing the ABCs with wonderfully yucky words and hilarious imagery to create an icky-sticky fun tour of our weird little language. Prepare your stomach (and your brain) for combinations like...

A is for apple, rotten and wormy
B is for boogie, bright green and germy
C is for candy, stuck to your hair
D is for dragon, breathing stinky fire everywhere
Y is for yak, drooling and stinky
Zzzzzz is for bedtime, and bedtime is YUCKY!

Let this book be a resource for your kids and a reading activity for the whole family! Organized from atrocious A to zany Z and decked out with illustrations that are bound to turn your tummy, The Yuckiest Alphabet Book in the World is the perfect balance of yuck and yay! Just look at the cover: draped in striped, brightly colored fur, this book boasts a "so-ugly-its-cute" aesthetic that would look good on any bookshelf or nursery. But it's not what's on the outside that's what's on the inside, which is why we've opted for sturdy board pages for this colorful kids' book. Revisit the fun of learning with this whimsical exploration of the English language.

ISBN: 9781951511050
Publication Date: 22-Sep-2020
Publisher: Whalen Book Works Publishing Company