The Year the Maps Changed

Danielle Binks

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'A gorgeous book ... it's timeless and beautiful and it deserves to be read by people of all ages.' MELINA MARCHETTAOne extraordinary year will change them all...Sorrento, Victoria, 1999. Fred's family is a mess. Her mother died when she was six and she's been raised by her Pop and adoptive father, Luca, ever since. But now Pop's had to go away, and Luca's girlfriend Anika and her son have moved in. More and more it feels like a land-grab for family and Fred is the one being left off the map.Even as things feel like they're spinning out of control for Fred, a crisis from the other side of the world comes crashing in. When a group of Kosovar-Albanian refugees are brought to a government 'safe haven' not far from Sorrento, their fate becomes intertwined with the lives of Fred and her family in ways that no one could have expected.A middle-grade coming-of-age story inspired by true events about the bonds of family, the weight of grief and the power of compassion for fans of THE BONE SPARROW, WOLF HOLLOW and THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH.'A brilliant gem that will make you see the world - and your place in it - in a new way.' EMILY GALE'This timely and beautiful story reveals the invisible lines of kindness and empathy that connect us all.' SALLY RIPPIN

Bookclub Member Review
by Lara, Wonder Club, Aged 11

The Year The Maps Changed by Danielle Binks is a book about family, friendship and your place in the world. Fred's character is interesting, unique and brave and the reader is taken along a journey with her as she learns and grows throughout the novel. The way she is able to find her self and her role  whilst overcoming difficulties, such as loss and growing up, is inspiring. It was an interesting twist to have historical content included as well, which added to the theme of belonging. The Year The Maps Changed also seemed to come 'full circle', with Fred finally realizing how to accept the new people on 'her map', and learning about how love is unconditional and family goes beyond blood. Personally, I found Fred's personality and the writing style which used metaphors and a range of emotive language extremely unique and effective. The way the author showed how Fred dealt with adjusting from living with Luca and her grandpa, to having Luca's girlfriend, her son and a new baby on the way was captivating. It was thought-provoking and left you with a yearning sensation of wanting more, and wanting to find out more about what Fred was experiencing. As I like history, I found the setting in time period engaging and provided new information about an event I knew little about previously.  

ISBN: 9780734419712
Publication Date: 28-Apr-2020
Publisher: Hachette Australia