The Theory of Hummingbirds

Michelle Kadarusman

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A moving novel for middle-grade readers that is not about overcoming disability, but rather becoming one's truest self

"Hummingbirds and angels don't need two good feet. They have wings." That's what Alba's mother always says. Of course, Alba doesn't have wings or two good feet: she has Cleo. Cleo is the name Alba has given to her left foot, which was born twisted in the wrong direction. When she points this out, though, her mother just smiles like the world has some surprise in store she doesn't know about yet.

Well, Alba has her own surprise planned. After many surgeries and one final cast, Cleo is almost ready to meet the world straight on--just in time to run in the school cross-country race. Unfortunately, Alba's best friend Levi thinks there's no way she can pull it off. And she thinks there's no way he's right about the school librarian hiding a wormhole in her office. Tempers flare. Sharp words fly faster than hummingbirds. And soon it looks like both friends will be stuck proving their theories on their own.

Bookseller Review
by Kimaya Piazzetta-Charlton

Levi is the name of Alba's best friend, they spend every lunch in the library pouring and bonding over books together. One day Levi theorizes the school librarian has an interdimensional wormhole. 

Cleo is the name of Alba's left foot, which has been twisted in the wrong direction since birth and been strapped in a brace. With the final cast about to come off Alba is set to compete in the cross country race but does Levi believe she can do it? 


A very sweet read for a 9+ looking for a bit more emotional complexity with questions on what it means to be 'normal', friendships and embracing yourself. 

ISBN: 9780702262920
Publication Date: 02-Jun-2020
Publisher: University of Queensland Press