The Secret Library of Hummingbird House

Julianne Negri

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Hattie Maxwell is trying to make sense of her life since the Big Split. It used to be the four of them - Mum, Dad, Ivy and Hattie - against the universe. But now it feels like she's a lone star in a big galaxy. And to make matters worse, her favourite place, Hummingbird House, is going to be demolished! Determined to stop the development, Hattie throws herself into uncovering the secrets of the house. Under a special full moon, she discovers that there is much more to the grand old mansion than first meets the eye . . . But will it be enough to save Hummingbird House? Or her family?A classic time-slip novel with a contemporary twist, THE SECRET LIBRARY OF HUMMINGBIRD HOUSE celebrates standing up for what you believe in, dealing with change and the unstoppable power of friendship.

by Genevieve Kruyssen

Hummingbird House, a charming but decaying mansion, is being knocked down. Imaginative, inquisitive and largiloquent Hattie is determined to save it - but when exploring in the middle of the night she steps into its mysterious past. A clever story of lollies growing on trees, one family becoming two, haunted children and lost words. 

ISBN: 9781925870497
Publication Date: 30-Jun-2020
Publisher: Affirm Press