The Revoltion

Alice Skinner

$19.99 Paperback
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For anyone who's ever surveyed the world and thought, 'Ugh, where do I even start?!' comes The Revolution Handbook, a journal to help you kickstart revolutionary campaigns and log your activism memories.

Through a series of tongue-in-cheek prompts, activist-illustrator Alice Skinner encourages you to create your best campaign slogans, troll-stamping tweets and protest signs - and urges you to release some of your inner fury by scrawling all over the face of one Donald J. Trump. With a blend of practical suggestions and whimsical challenges, this is the essential handbook for anyone who dreams of a better world - and wants to help make it a reality.

Through Alice's art, you'll find checklists for going on marches, tips for self-care when you find the world is just getting too depressing, and the confidence you'll need to stick two fingers up at the system.

ISBN: 9781526361226
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2018
Publisher: Hachette Children\'s Group