The Leigh Hobbs Collection

Leigh Hobbs; Malcolm Hamilton (Read by)

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Horrible HarrietHorrible Harriet lives in a nest in the roof of the school. All the other children are scared of her. But when Athol Egghead arrives in a hot-air balloon, she finds her first friend.Hooray for Horrible HarrietHorrible Harriet lived at school. She had a nest, high up in the roof. She was very helpful in class, but the other kids thought she was mean and nasty, cruel and wicked! In this hilarious sequel to Horrible Harriet, Harriet is back, with a new friend - Mr Chicken. The fact that Mr Chicken terrorises the entire school doesn't matter a jot, as Horrible Harriet knows how to handle him and thereby becomes popular at last ... for the afternoon, at least.Mr Chicken Goes to ParisMr Chicken has taken up his friend Yvette's invitation to visit Paris. As they journey together through the City of Love, Mr Chicken is overcome by the magic of all the city has to offer - and the inhabitants of this most stylish city don't quite know what to make of him. Mr Chicken Lands on LondonMr Chicken can't wait another minute, so he finishes his breakfast, collects his camera and flies to London. He wants to see everything! Join Mr Chicken and let him show you his favourite city in all the world.

ISBN: 9781486272877
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2015
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty, Limited