The Lanternist

Stephen Stephen Orr; Timothy Ide (Illustrator)

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1901. The slide clunks into the lantern, and Phantoms come alive on the wall. The father-son Magic Lantern team of Bert and Tom Eliot are masters of the Art of the Story. The only problem is that they are missing a wife and mother. Then one morning eleven-year-old Tom wakes to find his father missing, too. The Lanternist's apprentice is thrown out of home, forced to work for the arch-criminal Jimmy Sacks, arrested and imprisoned. Will he ever be able to escape with his new friend Max and make the long, flea-bitten, rat-infested journey to Sydney in search of his parents?The Lanternist is a story about stories, and how they show us a way through life, despite the callous landladies, corrupt officials, criminal companions and the problems with living in incinerators. But mostly, it is about searching, and making your own endings.

ISBN: 9781925227840
Publication Date: 01-Jul-2021
Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing Pty, Limited