The Koala That Couldn't Sleep

Lee Phethean; Eduardo Comoglio (Illustrator)

$19.95 Hardback
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A heart-warming story about a little koala bear that was afraid to go to sleep on his own for fear of waking up alone.
This book, by Australian based author Lee Phethean, was written as a way to characterise why his own little boy wouldn't go to sleep without being comforted by his parents during those first few months.
The first in a beautiful series of books, exploring everyday baby and toddler issues and bringing them to life in rhyming children's picture books that both adults and children will enjoy reading.
Colourful, contrasting illustrations bring The Koala That Couldn't Sleep to life, offering perfect bedtime reading material and a fun way to talk about sleeping habits with your own special, little koala.

ISBN: 9780648377405
Publication Date: 04-Nov-2018
Publisher: Lee\\Phethean