The Incredible Dadventure 2: a Mumbelievable Challenge

Dave Lowe; The Boy Fitz Hammond (Illustrator)

$14.99 Paperback
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Five days, five tasks, no technology. How will Holly survive in the woods? Holly's second "dadventure" is a screen-free challenge--Mum has packed her and Dad off to a log cabin in Fir Forest for five days with NO technology. There are other people camping in the woods, though--Zeb and his show-off dad who are camping "properly" in tents and fishing for their dinner. Holly's dad is treating her like a baby and being more embarrassing than ever, but Zeb and Holly soon hit it off and enjoy exploring the forest together. A few days in Zeb's dad goes missing, and they discover there is a bear on the loose from the local safari park. It's up to Holly and her new friend to work together, save the day and prove themselves to their fathers--all without their phones or any tech gadgets

ISBN: 9781848125896
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2017
Publisher: Piccadilly Press, Limited