The History of Mischief

Rebecca Higgie

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When Jessie and her older sister Kay find a book called The History of Mischief,hidden beneath the floorboards in their grandmother's house, they uncover a secret world. The History chronicles how, since antiquity, mischief-makers have clandestinely shaped the past - from an Athenian slave to a Polish salt miner and from an adviser to the Ethiopian Queen to a girl escaping the Siege of Paris. Jessie becomes enthralled by the book and by her own mission to determine its accuracy.Soon the History inspires Jessie to perform her own acts of mischief, unofficially becoming mischief-maker number 202 in an effort to cheer up her eccentric neighbour, Mrs Moran, and to comfort her new school friend, Theodore. However, not everything is as it seems. As Jessie delves deeper into the real story behind the History, she becomes convinced her grandmother holds the key to a long-held family secret. The History of Mischief is about the many things we do to try to escape.

Teacher Review
by Maddi Soward

In this modern Western Australia story of healing trauma glimpses of the hidden past inspire characters to reach for small and great acts of human kindness. 

My favourite thing about this book was that it defied my expectations in pursuit of a better story. The characters do not try to be likeable or easy, and for that they are. The magic of the mischief's' deceit is the infectious curiosity it fills the reader with. I loved most the chapters in the past, but as they dispersed I was won over by the depth and skill of the present-day story line. By fire, balloon, ice and walking forests the conclusion transcends to a place that finds family and friendship reconciled, with the sly assistance of a mischief. 

ISBN: 9781925816266
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2020
Publisher: Fremantle Press