The Girl with the Shark's Teeth

Cerrie Burnell

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Minnow is different from the other girls in her town and there's plenty to set her apart: the blossom of pale scars which lie beneath Minnow's delicate ears, the fact that she has an affinity with the water which leaves people speechless, and that once - she is sure - in deep, deep water, herbody began to glow like a sunken star.When her mum gets into trouble and is taken from their boat in the dead of night, Minnow is alone with one instruction: sail to Reykjavik to find your grandmother, she will keep you safe. Minnow has never sailed on her own before, but the call of the deep is a call she's been waiting to answer herwhole young life.Perhaps a girl who is lost on land can be found in the Wild Deep.The stunning middle grade debut from Cerrie Burnell

ISBN: 9780192767547
Publication Date: 20-Dec-2018
Publisher: Oxford University Press