The Gallery

Laura Marx Fitzgerald

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It's 1929, and twelve-year-old Martha has no choice but to work as a maid in the New York City mansion of the wealthy Sewell family. But, despite the Gatsby-like parties and trimmings of success, she suspects something might be deeply wrong in the household-specifically with Rose Sewell, the formerly vivacious lady of the house who now refuses to leave her room. The other servants say Rose is crazy, but scrappy, strong-willed Martha thinks there?s more to the story-and that the paintings in the Sewell?s gallery contain a hidden message detailing the truth. But in a house filled with secrets, nothing is quite what it seems, and no one is who they say. Can Martha follow the clues, decipher the code, and solve the mystery of what?s reallygoing on with Rose Sewell? Inspired by true events described in a fascinating author?s note, The Galleryis a 1920s caper told with humor and spunk that readers today will love.Praise for The Gallery

ISBN: 9780142427705
Publication Date: 06-Jun-2017
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited