The Funny Life of Pets

James Campbell; Rob Jones (Illustrator)

$12.99 Paperback
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Uncover the funny life of cats, dogs, horses, hamsters and everything else inbetween (and some things that have nothing to do with pets but are still funny) - according to James Campbell, comedian extraordinaire.
You should know that this is NOT a normal book.
1) You read a normal book by starting on page one and reading to the end. This book isn't like that. You can read it forwards, backwards, sideways, and in approximately 861,000 different ways inbetween.
2) This is not a fact book. Well, it is a bit. But it's also a story. This is a book with outrageous facts, hilarious jokes, and brilliant stories about pets, the author, and all sorts of other things - like how cats are afraid of cucumbers.
3) WARNING- Anything you think you might have learned from this book might not be very accurate so should not be used in a school project or as part of homework. Unless of course, you are made of stardust and are as brave as sunshine.
This book answers all the big questions, like- do sausage dogs eat sausages? Why has my cat done a poo-poo behind my wardrobe? And, how can I persuade my parents to get me a pet?
For real-life pet facts, ridiculously funny illustrations, imaginary stories, and a hilarious read, read on!

ISBN: 9781408889947
Publication Date: 14-Jun-2018
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc