The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

Jaclyn Moriarty; Kelly Canby (Illustrator)

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Bronte Mettlestone is ten years old when her parents are killed by pirates. This does not bother her particularly: her parents ran away to have adventures when she was a baby. She has been raised by her Aunt Isabelle, with assistance from the Butler, and has spent a pleasant childhood of afternoon teas and riding lessons. Now, however, her parents have left detailed instructions for Bronte in their will. (Instructions that, annoyingly, have been reinforced with faery cross-stitch, which means that if she doesn't complete them, terrible things could happen!) She travels the kingdoms, perfectly alone, delivering gifts to ten other aunts: a farmer aunt who owns an orange orchard, a veterinarian aunt who specializes in dragon care, a pair of aunts who captain a cruise ship, and a former rock star aunt who is now the reigning monarch of a small kingdom. But as she travels from aunt to aunt, Bronte suspects there might be more to this journey than the simple delivery of treasure.

Bookseller Review
by Genevieve Kruyssen

This book has one of my favourite first lines, it's dangerous, simple and sets the tone very well for the whole novel (you'll have to pick up the book to discover what it is!). Bronte is both beautifully wild and proper, well-dressed, well-spoken, determined and courageous - she makes for a delightful heroine. Her last wish from her parents before their death was that she visit all her Aunts, at precise times - her Aunts who are dragon vets, or are in-love with merman. The story holds lots of mini quests which build into a larger quest - it's the quintessential fantasy quest. Not only is is a brilliant adventure but it teaches you this classic story arc. Brilliant for 8+.

ISBN: 9781760297176
Publication Date: 25-Oct-2017
Publisher: Allen & Unwin