The Corinthian Girl

Christina Balit

$29.99 Hardback
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"It was time for the first race to begin. The crowd gasped as the Corinthian girl exploded from the starting point!" The Corinthian girl has no name...abandoned as a baby, she is now a slave in Athens. But her Master is a famous Olympic champion. He spots the amazing athletic talent of the Corinthian girl, and realizes she could be a star at the Games in Olympia. From dawn till dusk she trains - running, jumping, throwing the javelin and the discus. And one year later she is at the great Olympic stadium for the race of her life. Can the Corinthian girl win the crown and find a name and a home at last? Based on the real-life Heraean Games for women and girls, held at Olympia, this is a thrilling story of one girl's athletic achievement against all the odds.

ISBN: 9781913074722
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2021
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books