The Centre of My Everything

Allayne Webster

$19.99 Paperback
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Justin?s back, and wants to put the past behind him. Corey?s a footy hero and high-school dropout who can?t even find work picking fruit. Tara wants to be loved. But if her mother doesn?t care, why would anyone else? Margo wants out, and she has a plan to get there. Plans change. Life happens. Some secrets won?t stay buried. Peace isn?t as simple as laying bones to rest. 'The Centre of My Everythingdrives a stake through the heart of teen binge-drinking culture and generational racism. Often funny, sometimes shocking, always real - this is not an easy book, and that's exactly why everyone should read it.' Vikki Wakefield, author of CBCA Honour Book INBETWEEN DAYS

ISBN: 9780143783336
Publication Date: 29-Jan-2018
Publisher: Random House Australia