The Big Trip

Alex Willmore

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A brilliantly funny tale about what can happen when you don't think of others or watch where you're going

Bear thinks he is the coolest animal in the forest. He loves to strut his stuff. He loves to do whatever he wants and he never worries about a thing One day, Bear is doing just this--not minding where he is going--when he runs into Moose. Moose helps him realize that he should take care to respect others and mind where he is going. But Bear doesn't care--he does whatever he wants

Will Bear listen, or is he about to learn the hard way?

Bookseller Review
by Freya

I think this is a brilliantly funny tale, that shows us how important it is to think of and care for everyone and not just ourselves. I love the cartoon like illustrations with their muted colours and splashes of orange and blue. It’s a perfect book for anyone who needs a little reminder to watch out for others. Great for 2-7. 

ISBN: 9781849766906
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2020
Publisher: Tate Publishing, Limited