Jon Richards

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This series of stunning illustrated books demonstrates the stories behind some of nature's greatest phenomena.

In Oceans, discover the unique, precious ecosystems of the sea and the wildlife that live in them, from salty mangroves to colourful coral reefs and the dark deep sea.

Key information is presented in accessible chunks and accompanied by stunning panoramic illustrations, whilst infographic panels offer the reader memorable bite-sized facts. With an interest range of 9-11 years, this book is ideal for children who are looking to learn more about nature and the environment.

- River Mouths
- Coasts
- Living Between the Tides
- Mangroves
- Seagrass Meadows
- Coral Reef
- Kelp Forest
- Open Ocean
- Ocean Deep
- Hydrothermal Vent
- Arctic Waters
- Southern Ocean

ISBN: 9781445170534
Publication Date: 09-Mar-2021
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group