The Academy

Monica Seles; James LaRosa

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The Academy is the hottest international sports school for teen athletes. There are only two ways in- money-and lots of it-or enough talent to earn a scholarship. Young tennis star Maya's dreams have finally come true! She's got the scholarship. She's got the drive. She's on her way from small town to pro career . . . But when Maya starts boarding at the sports training school, her fantasy of the Academy doesn't quite match the reality -because where there are beautiful, talented teens, there's plenty of drama. Meet the players- Nicole- a tennis star who feels threatened by Maya (although she'd never admit it). Cleo- Maya's rebel / punk room-mate who's reaching the top of the golf world. Renee- a super-rich, super-gorgeous swimmer. Travis- the son of the Academy's owner and perfectly groomed to be the next big star of the National Football League. Jake- Travis's younger brother - and the bad boy of the school.

ISBN: 9781408841600
Publication Date: 06-Jun-2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc