The ABCs of What I Can Be

Caitlin McDonagh

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Part alphabet book, part dress-up, and part career book-- and all fun, from A to Z!

ABC. . . . What can I be?

The possibilities are nearly endless-- and in this fun picture book, an inclusive group of kids play-acts all sorts of occupations. Dressing in grown-up work clothes, the children try out some familiar roles, like artist and athlete for A, and some less-common ones-- from beekeeper and biochemist to zipper-maker and Zumba instructor.

With a hundred different jobs and interests represented, Caitlin McDonagh's bright illustrations are filled with funny, hidden details that will bring sharp-eyed readers back again and again.

This imaginative, joyful picture book shares a wonderful message about exploring all the possibilities, and opens up all kinds of discussions about the careers people embark upon-- while also reinforcing basic reading skills. Perfect for reading aloud and sure to spark imaginative play!

ISBN: 9780823437825
Publication Date: 24-Dec-2018
Publisher: Holiday House, Incorporated