That's Bizarre

Parrish Steve

$9.95 Paperback
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Have you ever heard of tentacle-tongued birds? No? What about bus-siz ed giant squid? This book is only for the brave at heart! Your brain wil l go into meltdown as you yell 'That's Bizarre!' with each weirdly peculiar fact about Aussie animals.


  • Freaky and fascinating facts about each animal
  • Vibrant a nd engaging layout
  • Glossary with definitions of challenging wor ds

About this series: Fans of the hi ghly successful That's Gross! Weird & Disgusting Auss ie Animals book will find much more to squirm at with squeamis h delight in this new stomach-churning series written by Stella Tarakson . Featuring everything from offensive odours to prehistoric puke, these feral facts are not for the faint-hearted! Combining natural history, sc ience and a sense of humour, these books are sure to keep kids entertain ed while they learn.

ISBN: 9781925127782
Publication Date: 30-Apr-2015
Publisher: Pascal Press