Survivor Kids

Peter Macinnis

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Age range 8+

It seems almost secondnature for many Australians to go wandering out into the bush, but how manywould know what to do if they ran out water, got lost or needed to take shelterfor the night? In this new title, experienced science teacher, Scout leader andchildren's author Peter Macinnis seeks to begin training young people in theart of safety in the Australian environment.

Starting with bushsafety and moving on to look at surviving fire, earth movements, wild water,wild winds and dangerous animals, SurvivorKids is a fun introduction to the risks of the natural environment and theways in which children can try to avoid harm. As well as exposing some outdatedideas -- such as sheltering in a doorway during an earthquake -- Macinnis exploressurvival stories from the past to find tips for today.

SurvivorKidsis an absorbing read for outdoor and indoor adventurers, with plenty of storiesto fascinate young readers and activities to test the skills of older ones. Fromwhat to take on an hour-long walk through to how to build earthquake-resistantbuildings and ways to avoid sharks, interesting and fun facts help develop ahealthy respect for our planet and an awareness of safety.

ISBN: 9780642279514
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2020
Publisher: National Library of Australia