Starlight Sailor

James Mayhew; Jackie Morris (Illustrator)

$9.99 Paperback
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Sail away to dreamland! Follow a small boy and his dog as they navigate the land of dreams in a paper boat. As you journey through the night, you will see all kinds of curious and magical creatures. Ages: 2-6 AUTHOR: James Mayhew is an author and artist.. He starts his art workshops for children by telling them a story then asking them to illustrate the story, guiding them on the style of dress and architecture of the period. James has illustrated Shakespeare's Storybook and Stories from the Opera for Barefoot Books. Jackie Morris has illustrated several books for Barefoot, including The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems. SELLING POINTS: * Award-winning artist Jackie Morris's dreamy, fanciful illustrations pair perfectly with the lyrical text to create a handsome gift board book. * Text builds on familiar "Star light, star bright" refrain for soothing bedtime reading. * Includes instructions for making and decorating your own paper boat REVIEW: "At bedtime a young child reading the 'star light, star bright' nursery rhyme with his mother drifts off to sleep and floats in a paper boat to a charming dreamland populated with welcoming playmates and a vast array of alluring fantasy creatures . . . . "Although fantasy icons galore inhabit the dream (a pirate ship, unicorn, juggler, castles, hot-air balloons, and much more), the figures are small and either peek from the horizon or drift in and out of the action, so neither the ethereal watercolour illustrations nor the story told in a short, rhyming text feel overstuffed" -- Booklist ILLUSTRATIONS: Colour illustrations

ISBN: 9781846867507
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2018
Publisher: Barefoot Books, Incorporated