Squishy Mcfluff: and the Supermarket Sweep!

Pip Jones

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How much mischief can an invisible cat cause? Plenty, if that cat is Squishy McFluff.... Ava and Squishy charm. Readers will wish that they had a kitty to blame their misdeeds on when they've acted...naughty. - Kirkus Reviews This playful early chapter book will attract emergent readers with its rhyming text, widely spaced lines, and sweet red-and-blue illustrations. - Booklist When Ava gets dragged to the supermarket with her mom, her invisible cat Squishy McFluff can't resist coming along, with hilarious, chaotic and surprising results

Told in full color throughout, this is the perfect stepping stone from picture books to older fiction.

ISBN: 9780571302529
Publication Date: 07-Aug-2014
Publisher: Faber & Faber, Limited