Sorry Day

Coral Vass; Dub Leffler (Illustrator)

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Age range 7+

There was a humof excitement.
Flags flickeredin the breeze as Maggie's heart danced with delight.
'This is a veryspecial day!' her mother said.

Maggieholds tight to her mother as they await the long anticipated apology to show awillingness to reconcile the past for future generations. In the excitement ofthe crowd Maggie loses touch of her mother's hand as is lost.

In a time 'longago and not so long ago' children were taken from their parents, their 'sorrowechoing across the land'.

Asthe Prime Minister's speech unfolds Maggie is reunited with her mother. But thefaces and memories of the stolen generation are all around them.

Twostories entwine in this captivating retelling of the momentous day when thethen Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, acknowledged the sorrows of pastand said 'Sorry' to the generation of children who were taken from their homes.

Thebook includes a foreword from Lee Joachim; Chair of Rumbalara AboriginalCooperative and Director of Research and Development for Yorta Yorta NationAboriginal Corporation.

ISBN: 9780642279033
Publication Date: 01-May-2018
Publisher: National Library of Australia