Song for a Scarlet Runner

Julie Hunt

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A fantastic, atmospheric story of a young girl who must run for her life because she has brought bad luck to her village--for fans of YA adventure-fantasy

Peat is on the run--forced to flee her life when she's blamed for bringing bad luck to her village. She heads for the endless marshes, where she's caught by an old healer-woman who makes Peat her apprentice and teaches her the skill of storytelling. But a story can be a dangerous thing. It can take you out of one world and leave you stranded in another--and Peat finds herself trapped in an eerie place beyond the Silver River where time stands still. Her only friends are a 900-year-old boy and his ghost hound, plus a small and slippery sleek--a cunning creature that might sink his teeth into your leg one minute, and save your life the next.

ISBN: 9781743313589
Publication Date: 25-Mar-2013
Publisher: Allen & Unwin