Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch

Nick Falk; Tony Flowers (Illustrator)

$12.99 Paperback
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The first in a funnew adventureseries for kids who love dinosaurs

When Jack wishes for his own Tyrannosaurus, he doesn't expect a real live one to turn up in the veggie patch. It's pretty cool, but there's no way he can keep it. It's far too big to hide in the shed, and it's bound to eat one of the neighbors sooner or later. With the help of local whiz kid Toby, Jack builds a time machine and sends the T-rex back to the dinosaur era. But when Toby, Jack, and Charlie the dog get sent back to the Cretaceous period too, there's more than one troublesome Tyrannosaurus to deal with."

ISBN: 9781742756554
Publication Date: 15-Feb-2013
Publisher: Random House Australia