Same, but Little Bit Diff'rent

Kylie Dunstan

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'Right up the very top of Australia there is a special place. My friend Normie comes from there, and he says, 'Things are different to what you might see in the city. Same, but little bit diff'rent ...' Told in the stunning collage artwork for which Kylie Dunstan is acclaimed, the story is related by a child living in a southern city and her friend Normie, who lives in the top end. As they compare notes about their lives, activities and interests, they discover how very much they have in common, despite their contrasting environments. AUTHOR: Award -winning author/illustrator Kylie Dunstan now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children. She grew up in South Australia where she studied art and worked in museums for many years before writing and illustrating her first picture book, 'Collecting Colour', which won the 2009 CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award. Since then Kylie has published 'Because You Are with Me' and 'The Red Bridge', both also in brilliant collage. 'Same, But Little Bit Diff'rent' is her fourth picture book. SELLING POINTS: * Stunning design and artwork - immediate visual appeal * Award-winning author/illustrator * A happy positive story about accepting difference and common humanity in relations between White and Aboriginal Australians, city and country dwellers.

ISBN: 9781921136603
Publication Date: 01-Jul-2012
Publisher: Windy Hollow Books