Rajah Street

Hyo Young Yim (Illustrator); Myo Yim (Illustrator)

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Junya thinks Wednesdays are the best days, because that is when the garbage trucks come. A sweet and whimsical story from a child's perspective about the busy world outside his window.

Junya loves to sit at his window and watch the goings-on in Rajah Street. He watches the clouds passing overhead, kookaburras singing and skateboard riders zipping by. Today he is waiting for Wednesday. Wednesday is when the garbage trucks come, and garbage trucks are his favourite. Imaginative illustrations help capture the world through a three-year-old's perspective in this quirky slice-of-life story.

Wild Things Review
by bookseller Kasia

See the world from Junya's perspective looking through his window on Rajah St waiting for Garbage Truck day! Junya shares his favourite things and the potential of our imagination if we stop and observe our everyday world with wonder and curiosity. Myo Yim's sensitive and whimsical illustrations offer so much to discuss and discover through her use of scale, pattern and surreal elements. This book is a joy to read and a gorgeous collection of artworks.

ISBN: 9781760651480
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2021
Publisher: Walker Books Australia Pty, Limited