Prometheus High 1: How to Make a Monster

Stuart Wilson

$16.99 Paperback
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A hugely inventive, action-packed, fun and quirky - and occasionally dark - adventure for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant, Nevermoor or Frankenstein. A rusting ocean liner. Thirty students learning to resurrect the dead. A murderous monster on the loose . . . Just a typical day at Prometheus High. Athena Strange's first semester at Prometheus High starts with a bang. But when her lessons in reanimation, robotics and skulkers move too slowly and she has trouble making friends, Athena decides to take matters into her own hands. On a ship where science and magic collide, and the monster under your bed is probably very real . . . will Athena be able to hold her head above water?

ISBN: 9781761042256
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2022
Publisher: Penguin Random House