Project Droid #1

Nancy Krulik; Amanda Burwasser; Mike Moran (Illustrator)

$9.99 Paperback
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When you have an android cousin, losing your head takes on a whole new meaning! Theres nothing Logan Applebaum has ever wanted more than to have another kid around the house. So when his inventor mum builds him a robot cousin, Logans really exciteduntil he finds out that its not so easy keeping Javas android identity a secret. Even though Java is really smart, he doesnt seem to understand anything. Still, with the third grade science fair coming up, having a cousin with a computer for a brain just might come in handy. Does having Java around mean Logan finally has a chance at winning first prize? Or will those nasty, super-sneaky Silverspoon twins outsmart him again?

ISBN: 9781742768991
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2018
Publisher: Scholastic Australia