Chris Ferrie; Byrne Laginestra; Wade David Fairclough

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Fun and educational science experiments to teach and excite kids about physics, biology, chemistry, and more--from the #1 science author for kids!

What's even better than a practical joke? A super awesome science experiment that's fun! Your friends and family might be surprised at first ... until they realize they're learning about science too!

Each activity includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Colorful illustrations and diagrams
  • Additional notes and cool facts to explain the science!

Written by a quantum physicist and two science teachers, Pranklab shows kids how they can use everyday household items to learn the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry through entertaining (and perfectly safe) activities. With epic experiments like Fountain Dew, Hunger Explosion, Cheater's Dice, and Mind Control Elevator, kids will feel like they are playing and might not even notice they are learning about water pressure, chemical reactions, statistics, the power of groupthink, and so much more!

These awesome science experiments for kids will teach budding scientists that it's cool to be curious! There are a lot of science books for kids, but this is the book you need!

ISBN: 9781728223742
Publication Date: 06-Apr-2021
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated