Dave Tabain; Nadia Worland

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Dave POW Tabain's schoolmate Stuis being bullied by Johno and his crew. Atfirst, Dave doesn't know how he can helpStu. He's ashamed that he just stands andwatches, too scared to do anything. Thenhe remembers that his parents taught himhow to deal with people who say and domean things to others. Its time to make aplan.Instead of doing his maths work, Davespends the lesson writing out his POWPLAN. He explains it to Stu and their friendBray, and they test it out that afternoon atsport. In a thrilling game of basketball, Stuovercomes Johno's bullying and their teamwins the game. The boys are so excited thatthe plan worked, they're pretty sure it couldwork for other kids too.

ISBN: 9781925796018
Publication Date: 03-Oct-2018
Publisher: Harbour Publishing House