Knock Knock Precious Pooper

Megan Rubiner Zinn; Rachel Katstaller (Illustrator)

$26.95 Hardback
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First haircut. First steps. First words. Our Precious Pooper skips 'em all and goes straight for the good stuff: first curse word, first middle-of-the-night call to the doctor, and first apocalyptic poop.Record baby's funny, annoying, infuriating and completely inexplicable milestones here so you can (hopefully) laugh about it later.Can parenting books tell it like it is? Yup! A gift new moms and dads will enjoy more than a rectal thermometer.Hardcover; 7.75 x 8 inches; 96 pages

ISBN: 9781601068316
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2016
Publisher: KnockKnock LLC