Other Worlds 1

George Ivanoff

$14.99 Paperback
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Find the key. Step through the doorway. Enter the otherworld. An exciting new series from the author of You Choose.

When Keagan stumbles across a key leading to another world, his life changes forever. Once through the doorway, he finds himself in Perfect World - a gleaming white city populated by clones. Like the city, the clones seem perfect, but Keagan starts to realise it's not what it seems. While investigating how to get home, he discovers a different, hidden part of the city and meets a new friend - a girl named Eone who tells him the horrible truth about Perfect World.

Keagan has to make a decision- find his way home? Or stay and help Eone and her friends . . .

ISBN: 9780143786191
Publication Date: 26-Feb-2018
Publisher: Random House Australia