One-Osaurus, Two-osaurus

Kim Norman; Pierre Collet-Derby (Illustrator)

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Part counting game, part dinosaur celebration, this energetic romp is a numbers concept book for the ages.

One-osaurus, two-osaurus, three-osaurus, four

Look there, in a child's bedroom, where some prehistoric pals are gathered in a counting game. Nine dinosaurs are playing a sing-song rendition of hide-and-seek--but something isn't adding up. Where is number ten? Stomp, stomp, stomp CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP Ready or not, here he comes, and he sounds . . . big With big, bold numerals, an array of dinosaurs in comical poses, and a humorous twist at the end, this tribute to a child's imagination makes learning numbers a gigantic treat.

ISBN: 9781536201796
Publication Date: 23-Mar-2021
Publisher: Candlewick Press