Spinning Out on Track

Kathryn Apel

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A compelling verse novel about sibling rivalry, the pursuit of sporting excellence and battling self-doubt My brother is good at everything. He always does things first ... better ... best I try but I'm not good at anything. Spinning out in frustration, Toby runs - away from big, better brother Shaun and away from his clumsy body. He runs because it feels good. But when he has the opportunity to fix his clumsy body, will the diagnosis lead to glory or even more failure? I try so hard, think I'm doing well - but who notices? Who cares? Mum and Dad always worry about how Toby will feel. Shaun is spinning out on the discus field annoyed at all the attention his little brother Toby receives. He is the one with the ability, but needs training to be better than his best. He grasps the opportunity to work with a former-Olympian, throwing further and stronger than ever. But when he sets himself up for success, will he have further to fall if he fails? Told through the eyes of two very different brothers, On Track will have you cheering until the very end.

ISBN: 9780702253737
Publication Date: 27-May-2015
Publisher: University of Queensland Press