Nothing Is Lost

Jan Prior

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Be careful what you wish for...

Micky desperately yearns to find her Rock God father, Ricky, who disappeared before she was born. Problem. Ricky doesn't even know that she exists - no chance he'll be looking for her. If that's not enough, her best friend since the beginning of school has moved away, leaving Micky with no idea where she now fits.

Enter Fin: the larger-than-life new arrival at Southgate High. She's everything that Micky thinks she is not - ambitious, super bright and not afraid of anyone. Sharing quirky, irreverent humor they quickly become friends.

But friendship with Fin is complicated. She's quick to deal out her own brand of rough justice when she sees wrongdoing. Girls don't do that. Hello, social exile...

Fin's precarious home life reaches a tipping point. There's trouble at Micky's, too. Serious trouble. And what about Micky's father?

In an explosive confrontation, their worlds collide with devastating consequences.

What really happened? Who can Micky trust?

Is everything lost?

This book will appeal to teen and young adult readers who enjoy contemporary realistic fiction with a gritty edge. It examines friendship, family issues and the drama of coming of age. Approximately 62,000 words in length. Have a look inside - scroll up and try it for free.

ISBN: 9781523683093
Publication Date: 15-Feb-2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform